Using Systems Thinking

While I got more comfortable in my role as a Leadership Consultant, I was able to enhance my ability to use systems thinking greatly. This competency is demonstrated by recognizing that the work of one affects the work of all. This was seen with my contributions to LEAD office progams and events. As I worked alongside my fellow LCs, all our hard work was having an impact on a bigger audience. Sometimes our work affected Mason students, like our L-TEAM members and participants of the Leadership Mason Conference, or the Dear World Project. Other times that impact expanded to reach the students at Hampton Middle School, families and siblings of Mason students, and even Mason alumni. It was exciting to see my work be an influencing force throughout the Mason community and on.

This position as a Leadership Consultant provided me with many opportunities to work with members of other Mason offices and organizations. The Mason community itself is huge, but this job has helped make it feel a bit smaller by allowing me to connect with lots of people. I especially liked working with the School of Integrative Studies, Social Action and Integrative Learning, the Women and Gender Studies Program,  LGBTQ Resources, and the Office of Diversity, Inclusion, and Multicultural Education. Using systems thinking involves understanding the interconnectedness within and between all of the partners mentioned. As an LC, I had chances to plan events with members of various offices, professors, fellow Mason students, and a variety of faculty and staff. It brought me so much joy to meet new people and form a better understanding of the many environments within George Mason University.

This competency also forces me to evaluate my effectiveness as a member of a team. My contributions to this LC team have had a tremendous impact, and I did not take that for granted. I also understand that my LC team has been amazing to me as they supported me throughout this entire year. Additionally, the professional staff and office specialists were all welcoming and a pleasure to work with. I appreciate the interconnectedness within every member of the LEAD Office team.