Global and Multicultural Competency

This Patriot Experience pathway includes the goal of “becoming aware of one’s own and others’ perspectives,” which is a skill this job has let me work on a lot. Through many of my Integrative Studies courses, I have learned the value of different perspectives. Being a Leadership Consultant has allowed me to interact with a number of diverse backgrounds and perspectives and navigate through differences to thrive within diversity. George Mason University has over 130 nations represented within its population of students. I am fortunate that many of Mason’s international students find their way to our LEAD Office programs.

One program in particular that has allowed me to work on this pathway is the “Right, Wrong or Different?” program we hold once a semester. Nick Lennon, the director of the LEAD Office, hosts the event and brings in Mason faculty to facilitate a meaningful discussion about the topic. This past March, we explored the ways in which different countries portray their history. It was interesting to note that among the participants, I was one of few who was born and raised in the United States. Having so many international students was very helpful for the diverse atmosphere. Also, they each brought their own perspectives of the question. I learned so much from that event and look forward to going to more in the future.

I think being at Mason in general really helps me work on this pathway, and I find it exciting to meet new people and be able to form a more well-rounded idea of global and multicultural ideas.