Developing Others

This competency is my personal favorite, and the one I feel I excel in the most. I really enjoy using the relationships that I build with others to then foster an environment of team learning. The greatest example of this competency comes from our L-TEAM. The Leadership Consultants put together weekly meetings for our L-TEAM members, and each meeting brings new memories and lots of laughs. I have been really happy with our retention of L-TEAM members, I feel that we have a solid core group and I know I look forward to every Tuesday night when we will all be reunited each week. The L-TEAM meetings are a chance for us LCs to decide what leadership ideas we would like to engage with and also what kind of lessons we feel like out L-TEAM members would benefit from.

My fondest L-TEAM memories come from those Tuesday nights where we all end up laughing until our stomachs hurt. I am so happy to have met so many amazing Mason students and to have had time to identify each of their individual strengths. As an LC, I am able to plan meetings around educational topics that I know our L-TEAM members will utilize. It has been such an awesome opportunity for me to practice this competency while I interact with the L-TEAM and discover their passions. In my top 5 Gallup StrengthsFinder strengths, I have “developer,” and I am not surprised. I see myself as a mentor to many people, and enjoy forming partnerships with others to then cultivate a team environment. L-TEAM has flourished this year, and I have thrived off of connecting with each member. It has been a great opportunity for me to work on this competency and challenge myself to dig deeper.

Thinking ahead, I am overwhelmed with excitement as I imagine my future classroom. I will have so many students pass through my doors, each of them with different stories, strengths, and goals. As a teacher, I will constantly be developing others. Not only will I be helping my future students master academic curriculum, but I will also be helping them achieve their personal goals. I think L-TEAM has really helped prepare me for my future classroom, and given me even more hope for my potential impact on others.